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Ac Repair

Air Conditioner Repair

We fix split AC and window AC of all brands in air conditioners. Here, you will get fast, reliable and least affordable repair and services in your window AC or book a Complan if you need AC service repair.

Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine Repair

We provide the best in-house washing machine service technicians for fast home service, repair, and maintenance of your domestic and commercial-related washing machines. Such as front load washer, top load washer, washer dryer, all with a composite washer. Call to get service.

Fridge Repair

Refrigertor Repair

Master Technician of Refrigerator Service We do domestic refrigerator service repair of all brands. If your fridge needs repair, then you call us to get the fridge fixed, we will understand your problem and get the most convenient service.

Ro Repair

Ro Repair and Service

We fix any problem related to ro water purifier from your home such as ro purifier repair, ro filter repair, water purifier servicing, ro booster pump repair, ro pump repair, ro motor repair, ro system repair, and ro installation, Etc. If your ro needs repair, call for repair.

Microwave Repair

Microwave Oven Repair

We provide service of all brand domestic microwave oven repair, we take pride in providing timely service to the technician for complete care of microwave. If you are troubled by any problem related to microwave, call We will help you to overcome your problem.

LED/LCD Tv Repair

LED/LCD Repair

LED and LCD TV Service Center / LED TV and LED LCD Repair / LCD / LED TV Technician in Jaipur fixed all types of LCD / LCD troubles. In which Plasma TV, we understand your problem and repair your LED TV / LCD TV and provide repair keeping in mind your satisfaction. Call the number given to take service.

Chimney Repair

Kitchen Chimney Repair

We provide chimney repair service for your domestic customers, very affordable and good repair service to customers. Actually work to try and fix the problem in an efficient, cost, effective way. We provide chimney repair service to our customers at a low fee. Call us to repair chimney equipment.

Water Heater \ Geyser Repair

Water Heater/Geyser Repair

If you are worried about any problems with your water heater & geyser and are looking for an installation service. So you have reached the right place, we can fix your geyser / water heater problem soon. If your water heater / geyser is not working, call soon.

Movers & Peckers Service

Movers & Packers Service

We provide a home relocation service. This service is only offered to professionals who are able to do the toughest job of moving your household goods. This is the place where you relocation packers and movers can get their furniture, suitcases, artifacts There is a need to move goods such as office and home. If you need Mowers and Packers, then you can call our given number to avail our service. We will transfer the entire domestic from safe ways.

Pest Control Service

Pest Control Service

We work to make the kit control people safe from all kinds of harmful pests, damage to household objects resources and infections in their household pests and harmful termites, on the other hand, spoil wood products and utensils in our homes and offices. Huh. Mosquitoes and flies spread dozens of diseases, Cockroaches easily spread hundred diseases among humans etc. Due to all such problems, we control the kit, if you are facing this problem, then call us, we will remove your problem soon.

Sofa\Chair Repair

Sofa/Chair Repair

We fix all types of sofa / chair problem like Recliner Sofa Renovation, Loose Legs, Broken Drawer Corners, Busted Handles etc. If your sofa / chair needs our service then call us, we provide you comfortable service.

Furniture Repair

Furniture Repair

Our Indian repair company provides furniture repair carpentry service whether they repair broken tables or misfitting cabinets, chairs, wooden beds, all such furniture. If there is any problem in your furniture, please call immediately.